Spurs - Rochdale Match Details

And therefore a wild day, in more ways than one, comes to a conclusion. Spurs were winners, with Fernando Llorente scoring a hat-trick that is perfect. Son Heung-min and Lucas Moura were imperial. However, spare a thought for Rochdale, who deservedly went in level at half-time against one of the best sides in Europe. It did not really work out for them at the end, but it has been a brilliant cup run for the Dale. Heroes all. The most recent noise surrounding the advantages and disadvantages of VAR will not obscure that. He lays off to Alli, who returns the ball using a clever reverse pass down the channel. Walker-Peters is apparent in the box. There'll be three minutes added for stoppages. It has been a night, huh?

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Spurs stroke it around the back, running the clock down, their work done. "I am an American fan of both types of soccer: Jets and Spurs, so I'm used to disappointment," starts Ron Stack. "VAR is a terrible thought, and not only because it had been implemented poorly and to Spurs' detriment on a cold, snowy night. The NFL has baked all sorts of reviews into the game, and it is horrible. Not only does this create a slow match even slower, it does not make the fans feel better about the outcome. The integrity of the sport isn't an issue." situs judi bola

McGahey matches it with his mind, but his campaign is way off target. "I hope that the fans who traveled down in the Dale have a much better perspective than me - I can hardly see the ball as a result of the snow," reports John Culkin. "It's a bit sad for the tie to finish looking like a small drubbing, but as a long enduring Dale fan, watching them perform so well, and inspire a small real expectation that we might pull off something amazing - it has been very brilliant. But VAR can do you."

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In the interests of VAR equilibrium, and to be scrupulously fair there has been none in this MBM, here is Rick McGahey: "Why all this moaning about VAR? Surely if they can find the timing right, it's an improvement. Does everyone long for the days when keepers can get a pass from a teammate? Tennis utilizes Hawkeye very nicely, PL appears to be reviewing a lot of obvious situations with VAR and then lacking a protocol for fast decisions. But why don't you need something to help refs make proper decisions?"

A free kick for Rochdale out on the right. Camps hooks it to the mixer. Henderson attempts to recreate Keith Houchen's diving header which did for Spurs in 1987 final. It is straight at Vorm, maintaining Vorm, er, warm. The magnificent Lucas Moura makes sense for Kyle Walker-Peters. Meanwhile many members of the groundstaff storm the pitch and clear the traces of snow with shovels and other tools that are appropriate. Before time, you can argue. "Just imagine what Harry Kane would reach if Gareth Beale called him a donkey," coos Cian O'Mahony. To the traveling Rochdale loyal's immense credit, they are still making a hell of a racket. And they will always have Spotland, which wild, crazy, wild first half.

Fernando Llorente Made 3 Goals on Spurs - Rochdale Match

Home romped in the next period with a screen on a carpet of snow to prepare a quarter-final in Swansea. The movie helper disallowed a goal, turned into a free-kick to a punishment and provided half a dozen excruciating interruptions where referee Paul Tierney stood forlornly with his finger in his ear. Chat one of the shivering Wembley audience of under 25,000, however, was of technologies, its effectiveness and why it took so long to attain a decision.

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After the match, Mauricio Pochettino bore the demeanor of a parent frustrated by a child at a school function. "The first half was a bit of an embarrassment for everybody``` he said. "In my opinion, there's a whole lot of work to do. Soccer is a game of feelings and we need to take care not to kill it. If I can not shout when we score because we must wait two minutes for a determination, will I purchase a ticket?" The 2 moments Pochettino was referring to started in the sixth minute. Spurs thought they'd scored the opening goal, as Son's driving run into the box finished in a cross-shot Josh Lillis couldn't hold. There was a scramble in the box, Llorente -- that will face his former team at the next round -- seemed to win it, and the ball came loose to √Črik Lamela who turned home. agen sbobet

Celebrations had nearly finished by the time Tierney consulted VAR. A hush descended and a delay started. Finally, he pointed to a goal kick and the audience slowly tried to work out exactly what had gone on. Replays suggested Llorente's tussle with Harrison McGahey could have led to the Spaniard fouling the defender, or the other way around, or both. Surely it did not immediately appear Tierney had made a "clear and obvious" error, the standards VAR is supposed to adhere to. Spurs took the lead for actual through Son, who cut inside two defenders to fire home past Lillis. Normal service seemed to have been resumed and three minutes after Kieran Trippier won a free-kick away Matt Done on the border of the Rochdale box. Another wait, one so long as to get the whole crowd jeering before the decision was overruled again. The foul was a punishment.
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Rochdale asserted themselves in the first half and was able to equalize on the half-hour. Andrew Cannon's cross curly beyond the retreating Spurs defense, Humphrys took one touch from his toes then scored low past Michel Vorm with his second. In first-half additional time, the pair almost combined again, but this time Cannon put Humphrys' pass to a post.

The second half started in snow but Spurs were soon running hot. Barely a moment in Lucas Moura played with an acute market with Lamela then released Llorente to loft a shot over the onrushing Lillis to reestablish Spurs' lead. The crowd celebrated, then paused; the finger had gone into the ear. This time, after another 30 minutes, the goal stood. In the 65th minute, Son scored again, from a different Lamela assist. This attacking quartet might have barely played together but it certainly didn't seem like it. Walker-Peters, a replacement, completed the rout in additional time. "The confusion was as exciting as how we wanted to play soccer," he said. "I was completely immersed in it, the first half felt as though it was 10 minutes long. It was an education in VAR for me and that I know more how it works. We do need to allow people in the arena know what is happening, though." Most in attendance would definitely agree.

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